• Our Learner Outcomes

    • Each learner will set, monitor and adjust individual goals and growth with guidance from teachers, counselors and mentors.
    • Each learner will engage in meaningful learning every day through the application of problem solving, critical thinking and creativity in every course.
    • Each learner will graduate college– and/or career-ready.
    • Each learner will actively serve the community.

    Our Learner Profile

    • The learner values and respects others’ opinions.
    • The learner develops technology skills appropriate to life, employment and post-secondary education.
    • The learner collaborates effectively.
    • The learner constructively adapts to changing circumstances.
    • The learner develops leadership and supportive skills as well as the ability to determine when to use them.
    • The learner applies critical thinking skills to create, evaluate, analyze, design and solve problems.
    • The learner appropriately and effectively communicates using a variety of methods.
    • The learner perseveres through challenges
  • Senior Graduate

  • 1    We will provide guidance, tools, resources, and instruction targeted to individual needs.

    • Implement proven ideas, resources and research-based practices that are focused on increasing student outcomes and aligned to district goals.
    • Provide systemic and continuous professional development that results in increases in teacher proficiency in addressing the social, emotional and academic needs of learners.
    • Increase engagement through an interactive website with resources available to AISD staff, students and families.
    • Flexible learning environments for diverse learners will be thoughtfully designed to engage, challenge and inspire students to participate in high-level learning beyond the learning objectives.

    2    We will develop self-sufficient students who are empowered to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems and serve their community.

    • Implement academic, social, and emotional strategies that strengthen and promote increases in student higher-level thinking, problem-solving skills and engagement.
    • Design learning opportunities for all students across the curriculum that encourages all students to safely and effectively communicate using a variety of tools and methods with teachers, peers and the community.
    • All students at each level will have the opportunity to participate in service-learning programs integrated with the curriculum and providing authentic experiences.
    • Support all learners in their pursuit of high levels of academic and social-emotional success through students’ development of life and career skills that are consistent with the AISD Learner Profile.

    3    We will develop students who are competent and productive users of technology.

    • Students demonstrate active integration of technology and skills needed to be prepared for employment or post-secondary education.
    • Increase the technology proficiency of students annually based upon set district grade level measures.
    • Monitor the implementation of technology integration in the classroom to ensure that it is varied and appropriate to the ability levels of students and actively engages them in ownership of their learning.

    4    We will create flexible and innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of all student population groups with documented achievement gaps to improve performance, close gaps and increase opportunities for success.

    • Increase engagement and outreach with parents of student groups with documented achievement gaps.
    • Parents, students and educators will be knowledgeable of and have access to information and resources related to flexible and innovative practices that promote student success.
    • Provide systemic and continuous professional development that results in increases in teacher proficiency in addressing achievement gaps among student groups.
    • Implement strategies that close performance gaps with struggling student populations.

    5    We will provide the effective delivery of an aligned P-16 curriculum to ensure all students are well prepared for a seamless pathway to employment or college-level coursework.

    • Improve P-16 alignment and create seamless transitions to better prepare students for college entry and post-secondary success.
    • Improve P-16 alignment and increase career awareness, exploration, and concentration opportunities to better prepare students for employment.
    • Provide opportunities for all stakeholders to become educated on career pathways, so students can make informed choices about post-secondary options.
    • Guide parents and students through seamless P-16 transitions and in the development of a plan that includes high school graduation, post-secondary educational opportunities and a financial map to achieve their goals.