Professional Opportunities

AISD vacancies listed below. Whether you are applying for a specific elementary position or an anticipated position for the 2020-2021 school year, please apply to Elementary position posting #200303001.
Position Position # Grade Level Campus School Year Open Date Close Date
ELEMENTARY TEACHERS 200303001 Elementary Elementary Campuses 2020-2021 3/3/2020 When Filled
SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST 200702002 District Level Special Education 2020 - 2021 7/2/2020 Until Filled
SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST ASSISTANTS 200713001 District Level AISD 2020-2021 7/13/2020 When Filled
ENGINEERING/MATHEMATICS & ROBOTICS TEACHER 200825001 Secondary Angleton High School 2020-2021 8/25/20 When Filled
MATH TEACHER 200924001 Secondary Angleton High School 2020-2021 9/24/20 When Filled

Para-Professional & Auxiliary Opportunities

Position Position # Campus School Year Open Date Close Date
Police Officer 200513005 Angleton ISD Police Department 2020-2021 05/13/2020 When Filled
Bus Driver 200616001 Transportation 2020-2021 6/16/2020 End of year
Custodian 200630001 District Wide 2020-2021 06/30/2020 End of year
Food Service Worker 200713002 District Wide 2020-2021 07/13/2020 End of year
Bus Monitor 200728002 Transportation 2020-2021 07/28/2020 End of year
Campus Assistant 200903001 District Wide 2020-2021 09/03/2020 End of year
Substitute Teacher 200923001 District Wide 2020-2021 09/23/2020 10/02/2020
Instructional Assistant-SPED Self Contained 200924002 Angleton High School 2020-2021 09/24/2020 When Filled

Application Process

  • Thank you for your interest in employment with the Angleton Independent School District!

    Completed applications will be accessed and reviewed by campus administrators. Applicants will then be contacted directly by the campus for the interview process. 

    Applications remain active for ONLY ONE YEAR. If you would like to update your application, please log in to the application system. 

    As a professional courtesy, informing us of your acceptance of a position elsewhere would be appreciated. I wish you success in your job search and appreciate your interest in being part of the AISD team. For questions regarding employment, please contact Human Resources at (979) 864-8000.

    Si necesitan ayuda con esta applicacion pueden llamar a Jeanette Green 979-864-8026.

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  • Tara Munson Rice

  • "Everyone around town was so excited to welcome me to the AISD family!"
    Tara Munson Rice - Southside Librarian