Transportation Covid -19 Guidelines

  • information icon This guidance document is being provided based on the public health situation as AISD understands it today, and is for the 2021-2022 school year. Changes to the public health situation over the course of the summer and the 2021-2022 school year may necessitate changes to this guidance.
    *most recent update: September 9th, 2021

    Angleton ISD requires the use of non-medical grade face coverings in all AISD facilities for anyone over the age of 10.  The only exception is if a room has less than 10 people who can social distance 6 feet.

COVID-19 Guidance for School Year 2021-2022

  • Transportation encourages parents/guardians who have the ability to transport their students to do so. This will lower the number of students on a bus and eliminate exposure that comes with placing a large number of students in a confined space which compromises the ability to maintain current recommended social distancing.

    Transportation has been working to establish Routes so that students receive transportation to and from school in both a safe and an efficient method. Safety for all students on AISD school buses will be developed by establishing rules and protocols through guidance given to date by District, city, state and national leaders


    • Entrances will be marked enter and exit on doors
    • Hallways will be marked for one-way flow of traffic
    • All rooms will have posted signage in regards to guidelines that are in line with social distancing and Covid-19 protocols as well room capacity guidelines to date (1 person per 30 square feet)
    • Driver mailboxes will be moved to allow social distancing
    • Break room will be closed for lounging or sit down dining.
    • Common appliances must be sanitized after each use by all employees


    • All visitors must make an appointment
    • All visitors must wear a face covering.
    • All visitors will be required to have temperature taken and answer Covid-19 protocol questions

    AISD Visiting Staff

    • All AISD visiting staff must check in with Dispatch
    • Visiting staff will sign in upon arrival
    • Trip sheets will be located in the Dispatch area

Transportation Staff

    • All employees with Covid-19 leave issues shall follow the AISD Covid-19 leave guidance. 
    • AISD shall provide a page on the AISD website for information related to personnel issues and COVID-19 regulations.  The webpage shall include:
      • Family First COVID Related Act information
      • Emergency Paid Sick Leave information
      • Family Medical Leave Act information
      • School Leave information
    • All employees who experience any of the conditions of Covid-19 described in this document, shall immediately tell their supervisor. Supervisor shall contact the office of Roberto Munoz and instruct employee to contact the AISD HR for leave guidance due to Covid-19.


    • Staff will be assigned staggered clock in and clock out times to maintain social distancing
    • Staff numbers will be limited in areas to maintain social distancing
    • Staff will frequently use hand sanitizer or wash hands
    • All staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times while on AISD buses and in common areas where social distancing is impossible.
    • All staff will receive training on Covid -19 symptoms, current social distancing guidelines. 
    • All staff must adhere to current AISD Covid – 19 protocols. (See protocols page 5)
    • All staff using appliances in commons must sanitize after use.
    • ONLY shop personnel will be allowed in shop area, this includes the restroom in the shop.
    • Staff will not be allowed to consume food or beverages on the bus, this includes water while students are present, because this would require removal of their mask to consume.


    •  Transportation staff will contact campus administration in the event a student demonstrates Covid-19 symptoms.
    • Transportation will make all attempts to return student to parent but in the event parents are not available, students will be delivered to their campus and released to a staff member.


    • All AISD vehicles will be equipped with hand sanitizer
    • Buses that transfer shuttle students will have seats cleaned prior to students boarding at the campuses. Only the seats required in the front of the bus will be cleaned at this time along with all high-touch surfaces that shuttle students will encounter to obtain these seats.
    • All buses will be thoroughly cleaned after each bus trip, focusing on high- touch surfaces such as bus seats, steering wheels, knobs, handrails, windows and door handles.
    • All buses will be detail cleaned upon return to the AISD transportation facility.
    • All buses will display signage in regards to Covid-19 protocols and safety suggestions.
    • Students will be assigned a seat on the bus.
    • Seat assignment will be aligned to cleaning procedures that will be required prior to shuttle students boarding a bus.
    • Students will be seated two students to a seat when possible but may be three to a seat in regards to siblings 
    • All staff and students will be required to wear a mask at all times while on AISD school buses.


  • We ask that you be patient with us as we establish routines that may change rapidly depending on how many students request transportation.

    • Routes will be developed by utilizing Transfinder Routing Software. This software establishes pick up/drop off times and bus stop locations.
    • Students at Bus Stops shall follow all AISD guidelines. 
    • Each student will be assigned a Route.
    • Students shall use hand sanitizer as they board and exit the bus

    Parents will be contacted for any student that does not pass screening requirements. Students will not be allowed on bus. Parents who are able to do so are asked to pick up their student at the bus stop. Transportation will have supplementary vehicles available to pick up students for quarantine until parents can make arrangements to receive their student.

    Due to lack of vehicles available, there may be multiple students placed in the same vehicle where social distancing will not be allowable.

Arrival/Dismissal Times

    • All Elementary buses will begin to arrive on campuses beginning at 7:00 AM.
    • All Secondary buses will begin to arrive on campuses at 7:25 AM.
    • Students will not be released to the campus administrators before times stated
    • Students will need to be released as quickly and safely as possible so routes stay on time, therefore unloading students prior to beginning times may be necessary but students will be monitored by Transportation employees at all times. This will allow the time needed for cleaning before the bus proceeds. Many of our buses carry students from multiple campuses and receive transfer students from other buses to be taken to other campuses. Students will need to be removed and buses sanitized prior to receiving new students.


  • Student Responsibilities may be added or negated as we continue to receive updates on COVID -19.

    • All students will be given a copy of the Transportation Rules and must complete attached form.
    • All students must wear masks while on the bus.
    • Students must keep mask on at all times.
    • Students will not be allowed to have food or beverages on the bus, this includes water, because this would require a student to remove their mask to consume.  
    • Be at stop it advance we recommend at least 10 minutes prior to estimated arrival time. 
    • Practice Social Distancing during loading/unloading and while at bus stops.
    • Students will not be allowed to ride home with friends. Changing or adding bus routes once assigned will require prior approval from Transportation Administration.
    • All students must register for transportation service.
    • All students will be issued a Smart Tag identification card. This must be scanned when loading/unloading the bus.

    Angleton ISD Student Code of Conduct

    Parents and students should refer to the Student Code of Conduct Handbook for complete guidance on expectations in regards to student conduct and consequences. Handbook may be found on the Students and Families tab on the AISD website.

Transportation Support

  • Transportation Routes can be accessed through Info Finder

    The transportation department will assist parents/students with Transportation needs as quickly and efficiently as possible but may require up to 10 business days from request date to provide route service. For all questions and concerns please contact the Department at the main number (979-864-8011). This number does not have a voicemail set up and therefore all calls must be answered.

    Contact information may also be found on the AISD Transportation website homepage.