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We Crush Our Goals!

All students at Northside are taught how to set goals and work towards them!

Teachers work with students one on one to set reasonable academic, personal or behavior goals. They then discuss what it will take in order to meet their goal with a step by step process. The teacher works with the student by helping them through the process. We believe that in order to succeed you must first fail. If something does not work, we work to figure out a different way to accomplish it. Students also learn that sometimes you have to adjust your goal. By using a positive growth mindset, our Northsiders know that through perseverance and effort, they can do it!

We love to celebrate when our students reach their goals!

Please take some time to discuss your child’s goals with their teacher and your child. You will be surprised how much they enjoy ringing the bell, and we LOVE that they are learning a valuable skill for life.