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Wildcat Dens!

In 2017, Northside started a new school community-building project called Wildcat Dens. This idea was taken from both the book, Harry Potter and Ron Clark Academy. All students and staff go through a Den Selection Day!

On this exciting day, students and staff choose their Den and den color. We currently have six houses that we chose to name after our six Leadworthy Capturing Kids Hearts character traits, the Den of Courage, the Den of Respect, the Den of Responsibility, the Den of Perserverance, the Den of Kindness and the Den of Integrity. Once a student has selected their Den, they remain in their den throughout their time at Northside. This helps build community and a sense of belonging.

Throughout the school year, students earn points for their Den. They can earn points in their classrooms for attendance, effort, behavior, character, etc. or out in the hallways and common areas. These points are calculated weekly and updated on a board in a common hallway where students can all track their standings. At the end of the month, the Den with the most accumulated and shared points, earns a Den Celebration. We will also be incorporating Den Challenges and Den Meetings this upcoming school year. Although our students and staff represent one Den, we instill the importance of all of the character traits with our students. They know that each is equally important and valuable. Our Northsiders love this concept and take pride in their Dens.