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Working toward Success

AJH Pre-vocational Class


Each day, Laura Jones’ pre-vocational students at Angleton Junior High sort newspapers, load them on carts, and make their rounds of the campus handing the papers to teachers and staff members.


The task is a great way to teach the students routine, management, counting, sorting, and other job skills they can use once they’ve finished school, Jones said.


“When we first started, some weren’t sure about the sorting, but now they come in every day and get right to work,” she said. “We also used to send them out with an aid, but I have five students now who go out on their own and even take a partner. They deliver without a problem.”


The newspapers are just one of the jobs Jones has implemented for her pre-vocational students in her first year at AJH. She’s also created a baking team that employs the students to bake, decorate, package and deliver cookie orders from around the district. They then use the funds they make to learn proper money management at local restaurants and grocery stores.


The students also take care of two class guinea pigs, perform security checks around the campus, and clean the vests the campus uses for students who leave the classroom during the day.


Each small job is adding up to skills that will be beneficial in so many areas after graduation, Jones said.


“The hope is that after they leave us, they can be successful in whatever successful means for each student individually,” she said.


AJH Pre-vocational Class