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Angleton Independent School District CCMR

In a unified and collaborative effort, various stakeholders within Angleton ISD have developed the HIGH FIVE Strategic Plan as a holistic initiative for students, which will provide the necessary college,e career and military readiness skills for post-secondary success. This five year plan is designed to meet the individualized goals of each secondary student based on their unique interests, skills and ability aligned with their future professions and aspirations, as well as to become civil minded members of society. 

Students will begin this initiative in 6th grade, starting their journey of exploration of interests and curiosity of various occupations. Throughout their junior high school experiences, various facets of post-secondary fields will be introduced and investigated. In addition, students will be afforded rigorous pre-advanced placement opportunities of academic rigor to establish a foundation of high expectations of growth, and a pathway towards college readiness. Lesson plans will be given that integrate key elements of identifying career interests within the scope of student objectives. Students will establish a self-awareness of learning styles, character traits, and confidence as they reflect on their future aspirations. Together with counselors and teachers, students will create a portfolio of goals and growth measures that will follow them throughout their secondary years, until graduation. 

Students will enter 9th grade with an individualized plan of coursework, and a chosen endorsement, as well as a framework of established checkpoints through the Naviance Program. Part of their designated plan will include various career assessments and resources to support and motivate them during their transition into high school. Students will be provided multiple avenues and options of coursework that is tailor made according to their passions and strengths. In addition, a unified partnership with parents and community will guide students through communications, educational workshops and special events. 

Throughout students' high school years a continuum of goal setting measures will be in place, including multiple options of individualized robust CTE career pathways, college level coursework, rigorous advanced placement classes, as well as applied learning of investigating careers through internships, job shadowing,volunteer work and real world career training opportunities. Students will have uniquely developed, customized plan that focuses on students' strengths and commitment to learning that are aligned with their educational experiences directly connected to student outcomes into post-secondary life.

The HIGH FIVE Initiative is a vision for AISD students to launch into their future as independent adults who have a vision for their life plan, understanding that graduating from high school is not the end of their education, but signifies the beginning of a higher level of learning in which each student can design their own path of success.