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Attendance Matters!

We have learned that Wildcats who miss even a few days of school each month are at far greater risk of academic failure and dropout than Wildcats who attend regularly. We have set a goal that every Wildcat in our school attends regularly (has nine or fewer absences in a year).

The most important factor in a students’ success is regularly attending school. Because attendance is so important, please send your child to school every day unless he or she has a contagious illness or is running a fever. If you are unsure, send your child and our school nurse will evaluate them.

If your child is at risk of missing too much school, please feel free to contact Stacy Hall or Wendy Sartain at 979-864-8002 for assistance. We will monitor each student’s attendance across the year so we can work with families when the number of absences puts a student at risk for losing credit. We will be happy to work with you to help your student attend regularly and have greater opportunities for success this school year.